Mandela's Heroes Day

Nelson Mandela would have been 99 years old 18th July. His mantra was about peace harmony, reconciliation and community working together is something we all can recognise.
Tulse Hill forum likes to make sure they involve as many residents with the opportunity to be heard and get involved. We therefore are using the celebration of Mandela's Heroes Day a place for you to tell us about what what you would like to see included in our Neighbourhood Plan.
This will also be a space where Tulse Hill Forum will be promoting all its work in the Tulse Hill area and showing how working together we can make sure Tulse Hill is a great place to live work and prosper.
Why We Need Your Comment About The Neighbourhood Plan?
Tulse Hill forum in 2016 where given responsibility of leading the Neighbourhood Plan. We could just have boring meeting in dusty halls but we decided to have a local celebration and use this to gather your options on the policy's we need in our plan
What is the Neighbourhood Plan?
•    A legal document to increase local influence over local matters 
•    Provides the community the opportunity to say “this is what I want/don’t want in my back yard” 
•    Legal right established under Localism Act 2012 
•    NP sets out policies to direct development and land use 
•    NP is optional but once made and adopted it becomes an important consideration for all planning applications 
•    Adoption requires demonstrated support from local community and conformance with planning policies and guidance including the Lambeth Local Plan 
•    Neighbourhood Planning is your opportunity to shape development in your area
•    The Neighbourhood Development Plan provides a great opportunity for you to have more influence on how the area where you live and work will change over time
•    Your local knowledge and views of what needs to be protected and what needs to change can really make a difference
Why Medora Road and Tulse Hill Estate?
Tulse Hill Estate and Medora Road buildings and environment are so different so it really showcases the diversity of the Tulse Hill area. This blend will help residents focus, discuss and develop the various policies we with to create. Over the past few months local residents have helped plan the day. So please join us on 23rd July 2017 and take part in our consultation event.

If you would like a stall click here for a vendors application