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Parents Organising Play! Our New Project 'Pop' #POPTulseHill

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What is POP (Parents Organising Play)

POP focuses it activities primarily with families but not at the exclusion of the wider community. POP hopes to create happiness in families WHICH will lead to more successful communities. POP is about developing families to take the lead in their own and their communities success by organising creative, active and adventurous things to do.POP is dedicated to creating opportunities for the POP community to indulge in self transformation, by aiding up skilling, training, personal development, and mentoring. Pop will create safe places in Tulse Hill for families to meet, socialise and develop together. POP is about eradication area rivalry by integrating estates and streets positive activates with families for different communities working together

POP is about Enhance the quality of life for the families residents in the Tulse Hill area by the provision of relevant, accessible, affordable and well managed family support through communicating, socialising, interrogating, and participating   POP will deliver in a manner that promotes the value base of ethos of “the community  doing it together and for the benefit of the mass not the few”.. This will be achieved through supportive, loving and caring community.


Neighbourhood Plan

ASPIRE SPACE 101 follows last years Aspire Space open weeks and pop up events. 
Our plans to involved you are 
•    Send you more information about how a neighbourhood plan can be constructed (Aspire Space 101)
•    Hold family friendly workshops on the variety of area the neighbourhood plan will deal with
•    Give training and support to individual who wish to help look at our data gathered and then construct the plan and policies around that data.

Please watch out for information on our plans for the future.